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Hash House Harriers – Andorra branch

The Hash In Salute to the 200th Andorran Hash, Sept. 1992 The path was narrow. Cliffs above and cliffs below. Not a tree about. The hot sun was beating on our heads. Sweat was running down our foreheads. Starting at

Good Bye Privacy

Don’t forget your password by JohnC Readers of these renowned columns may like an update as to the continuing plunge of the UK into the abyss of the Orwellian State. Britain has now been transformed into probably the most snooped

Foundation of the Club

By Peter Parkinson First published in Inter-Comm 12-3 – Spring 2003 We are all vaguely aware that our Club has been in existence for something like 12 to 15 years, but very few of us remember or are aware of

Zen – Art of car Import

“We think in generalities, but we live in detail” Alfred North Whitehead This is a very long story …………. do you have the stomach for it? Do you want a late night? Go and put on a hot milky drink,

Our Peculiar Membership

by Charles Some time ago, Mini Dubbeldam, one of our longest standing members, asked me if I knew how many different nationalities were represented among our members and how many languages they spoke. Well I didn’t, but I thought other

Music Halls – Ron Richardson

Last January 1992, the Andorra International Theatre presented “ Victorian Music Hall “. It proved to be great fun and enjoyed as much by the artists as the audience. But why “ Music Hall “ ? There is very little