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Compiled by Paul Brightley

This service has kindly been made available to the Club by Paul Brightley, who has the sole responsibility for the layout and contents.

To Subscribe or un-subscribe or place an advertisement sent e-mail to andadsg@gmail.com

AndAds  is an English-language collection of advertisements, gossip and information,
distributed free of charge by email from Andorra about every two weeks.

First isssue of AndAds published on 12 September 2003 by Desmond Allen, founder, editor and publisher from beginning until 12 October 2015 when Paul Brightly took over, AndAds 410.


AndAds is FREE OF CHARGE and you can advertise anything
(goods, services, trips to England, private or commercial)
but I will exclude what I think should be excluded.
Just send me the wording by email (AndAdsG@gmail.com)
Please DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS because they will not be opened,
except photos up to 35Kb. First issued on September 12, 2003

Advertisers are responsible for observing all relevant laws.

DISTRIBUTION LIST:  There are about 835 addresses on the Distribution List, including yours, but it is SECRET and will not be seen by anyone except me.

If you know someone not on the distribution list who would like AndAds, please send me her/his name and email address.
If you do not want AndAds just send me an email saying “unsubscribe”.
To deter viruses AndAds will have NO ATTACHMENTS.

NOTE: Opinions expressed in AndAds are not guaranteed.
Before taking decisions you should get independent advice.

Paul Brightley

14 July 2017 – AndAds_471

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