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COVID_19 – closure club

At the meeting of your Board on Wednesday, March 11, it was decided that should Andorra Govern impose further restrictions on the education system and its own cultural activities, the Club would have no sensible alternative but to follow suit. Early this morning, Friday March 13, having consulted my colleagues on the Board and having obtained a clear majority of views, it is with extreme and sincere regret that I must inform you that I am authorised to make this announcement:

Indefinite Closure of the Clubhouse

As of the close of service this evening, Friday March 13 2020, the Clubhouse will remain closed to all activities until further notice.

This means that only Members of the Clubhouse Committee, authorised by its Executive Leader on an ad hoc  basis, may access the Clubhouse for the purpose of security, regula on of mains services and possible stock clearance and any unauthorised access by other Members may be subject to sanction by the Board. I should like to remind Members that a large proportion of our Membership would quite definitely fall into the category of “vulnerable persons” as defined by the Health Ministry and this closure is for the good of all and in pursuance of government advice and recommendations.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club scheduled for Saturday March 21 is also postponedPlease Also Note

That, for community security and insurance reasons, all outside activities of whatever nature or size of group purporting to be in the name of the International Club of Andorra are hereby declared unauthorised and cancelled.

This means that Members wishing to take part in their usual Club activities and who organise gatherings at any other public venue do so at their own risk and legal responsibility and cannot rely on assistance or protection by or from the Club.

The “Casino Royale” event at Restaurant “Coll de la Botella” in Pal is also postponed ***

Simon Binsted