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Opening Club House 25th June

Dear All,

After such a long wait, I am absolutely delighted to let you know that our Clubhouse will be opening for a trial Social Evening on Friday the 25th of June, commencing at 6.00pm until 9.30pm.

Thanks to Christian Planchette and others who volunteered to work with him for many, many more hours than they care to admit installing a completely new and comprehensive ventilation system, the Clubhouse will now probably be one of the safest meeting places in the whole country in which to sit out the rest of the pandemic. The new management team, headed by Patricia and Paulette, have also organised a professional deep-clean of the whole premises, so we will be ready for a sparkling start on the Big Day.

There are, of course, some remaining national restrictions which must be observed so I ask you kindly to read very carefully the temporary Protocol below. Unfortunately, I am not able to be there in person this time, but I certainly look forward to seeing everyone at the Clubhouse again as soon as I return.

Best regards,

Simon BinstedPresident

ICA Clubhouse Protocol June 2021

As Covid is clearly still with us, we ask all Members to adhere to the following protocol on entering and inside the Clubhouse.

The number of seated attendees is currently limited to 40 (50% of legal capacity) therefore, on a temporary basis, we ask that Members register their participation in advance by email to


On arrival:

● Please use the hand sanitizer provided before entering. We will also have sanitizer available in various locations inside the clubhouse.

● Please provide your name with contact details to our meet and greet person.Inside the Clubhouse:
● Please wear a mask until you are seated and re-mask whenever you are not seated.page1image17920

● Please respect the distance of 11⁄2 metres from other attendees and volunteers.
● Please do not move the tables, nor increase the numbers sharing a table to more than


Ordering drinks:

Until the protocol changes to allow people to gather at the bar, we ask Members to bear with us concerning service to the tables.

● Please designate one person from your group to come to the bar to order drinks. That person will place the order, pay and be given a plasticised card with a number and return to their table. When the order is ready, the tray with their drinks and matching number will be available for collection from the Bar.


● Only one person in the respective toilet area at a time.

We remind you to park only in the upper car park and not in either of the two Giberga regular car parks.

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