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Escaldes-Engordany views and projects

In de next decade Escaldes is going to change enormously. Several heigh rising buildings are in construction, which will change the skyline for ever.

26.12.2019 the Diari d’Andorra published and article about future construction plans, some have already started.

The skyline of Escaldes will change by these projects, buildings with 20 floors are under construction
Construction of Terrasses.d’Emprivat, 20 floors residential, Nov. 2019, Escaldes
Terrasses.d’Emprivat foundation, Nov.2019 , the excavation was done about 10 years ago

The Cloud was the name of a project in Escaldes, 2006, where the STA , Bombers, and National Museum used to be. It would have been a 15 floor egg shaped building intended for technological companies.

Old STA building in Escaldes 2006
Old STA (Andorran Telecom) building in Escaldes 2006
The Cloud proposed project in shopping centre of Escaldes, 2006
Previous The Cloud project Dec 2019
Hotel Montagne, August 2016
Hotel Montagne build in 1904, , photo 2020