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First Flight out of Andorra – April 14, 1997

David Baines with the help of many friends have build a aircraft, and flew from the parking lot up at Pal ski station to La Seu Airport. The wind changed and got stronger, a landing at Pal would have been difficult – dangerous. David flew the plane over the border to La Seu airport which created an international conflict. Never before an Andorran Aircraft had entered Spain.

Notice the aircraft registration and the car number plate – yes, they are the same. At that time there was no ruling on aircrafts.

April 14, 1997 First flight by David Baines from Pal to La Seu d’Urgell

Getting the aircraft ready 1997 – Tom Mead on the right

David Baines behind the stick

Co-Pilot Tom Mead

Take Off at Pal Ski station April 14, 1997

Landing at La Seu d’Urgell – 40 minutes later – No landing permit – April 14 1997

New article a day later –

Adressed to Tom Mead

Adressed to Tom Mead, from David













Aircraft at hangar in St.Giron France