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Move over Mrs. Markham

CIA’s performing arts firmly on the map

‘Move over Mrs. Markham’ , following so swiftly on the heels of ‘Una Nit Musica i Dansa’, has created a real tour de force of publicity for the International Club. Headlines in the cultural pages of national newspapers talked of ‘Mrs.Markham’s great success as it played to packed audiences’ in its new home of La Massana parish hall.

Ron Richards’ cast, making the most of Cooney and Chapman’s hilarious script, brought the house down with its performance of what is, for the point of view of timing, a very demanding play. Congratulations too, to the scenery designers and builders. Their work stood up valiantly to having its various doors flung open and shut at increasingly frenetic intervals.

I was slightly concerned that people for whom English was a second language might be lost in a script that depends so much on ‘double entendre’ but, from reports coming in, they, too, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Among so many excellent performances it is difficult, and probably unwise, to single out any one for special mention though it was good to see the ranks of regulars swelled with new actors Vicky Ellis, Liza Fowler and Davit Pitt. Let’s hope, after this success, more still will come forward to join the group and that, after a necessary break to recoup their energies, Ron Richards and his troupe will be entertaining us again to equally packed houses and high standards.

Pictures from “Move over Mrs Markham”  Artists from the left to the right, Top Liza Fowler, Simon Binstead, Ron Richards, Paul Ellis Bottom, Simon Binstead, Val McInnes, Kay Kay, Ron Richards

Top photo: Jane Willet, David Pitt, Simon Binstead, Kay Kay Bottom: Ron Richards, Vicky Ellis, Paul Ellis


Since the spring issue of Inter-Comm lots of things have happened to our group we have found our new home in the Teatre Parroquial, La Massana, thanks to Padre Joan and Mr. Antonio Bach, They have given us the use of the place for our weekly Workshop, plus for meetings, rehearsals, plays and shows. Those of you that came and enjoyed the play « Move over Mrs. Markham » have seen what the Theatre looks like, and we think it fits our bill, and we are looking forward to a lot of activity there. We would like to thank you for coming to the play on the 12th, 13th and 14th of May and making it possible for us to continue. The future looks brighter for us in our new home in La Massana, but to do what we are doing at the moment requires more people – and we do not have them. We are a little flock doing all the work, but as we advertised in the programme of « Move over Mrs. Markham » – WHY NOT JOIN US?? – think about it seriously, we need more people to come and help us, you do not have to be an artist, if you are it is a bonus, but there are so many little jobs that need to be done and the more people we are the easier it all goes, and we do have fun.

Now you think, I am going away so often so it is no good! That is what our problem is all about, we all go away, but if we are enough people in the group, there will always be enough here when we are needed – does it not sound like logic to you??

I cannot tell you about our future plans as we are having a meeting when this issue is going to the printer, but in the next issue we will tell you all about it, and in the meantime, please make up your mind and join us – as I said – WE DO HAVE FUN !!!

If you want to have some more info please do not hesitate to call or fax me,

Hans Kiaer

Published: Inter-Comm Summer 1995