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HASH – House Harriers – Andorra

The Hash

In Salute to the 200th Andorran Hash, Sept. 1992

The path was narrow.

Cliffs above and cliffs below. Not a tree about.

The hot sun was beating on our heads.

Sweat was running down our foreheads.

Starting at 1500 meter above sea level and going up, we walked one after the other, in shorts and hats, from the young in age to the young at heart.

Or am I?

My 60 odd years are only a drop in MY span of life!

Being from the plains and from near oceans, this mountain climbing became a real challenge;

Below, I saw the depth of the valley and my heart sank to its level.

It was a l-o-n-g way down. “ will I slip? or will I make it? “.

“ Don’t look down ” I encouraged myself.

“ Will some stones slip right on to me?! “.

“ Don’t look up “, I dispensed advise, “ Just look where to put your foot. Make sure it grips” .

Clinging my body to the rocks beside me, I took a big breath, my heart was thumping;

“ Why on earth am I doing this? “.

“ Do I need this worry? “ “ Do I need the stress? “.

“ Shut up and keep going!… Some hard words will not go astray! “.

We belong to a world wide network of walters; “ The Hash Harrier Club “ , Andorra branch.

We meet every Saturday for a walk on the mountains.

Every walk is in another place, every walk is different, with or without hazards.

This off course complicates thing. Should on worry or not?

Will the climb be steep? will it be long?

Will it be sun or shade? on slippery rocks or roads?

I developed a love and hate relationship to this weekly Homage But, I will not miss it for the world, (may be once or twice), I’ll not miss it for the challenge, for nature and for the company.

Rina Vardi

Sept. 1992

First published in the Inter-Comm 2-2 1992