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4X4 Explorers Group

The “4×4 EXPLORERS” group aims to explore, in a relaxed way,  the area in and around Andorra by using little known roads and public vehicle tracks to reach interesting places and restaurants/picnic spots that one would not normally get to with a town car, or where one would not want to venture alone.

If you don’t have a suitable 4×4, we will endeavour to find you a ride as a passenger – and please do not be shy about asking as experience to date shows that many drivers are very pleased to have extra company.

Our success depends on volunteers with suitable 4×4 vehicles (with a reasonable ground clearance and a low ratio gear box) willing to take others as passengers who would contribute towards the costs.

Our outings are not meant to be guided tours, as we will sometimes want to explore tracks where none of us has been before.  Everybody participates at their own risk.

We have found that finding and proving the route for our outings is a time consuming task and would be very happy to have additional volunteers to do the pathfinding (and restaurant testing) for our full day outings!

For more information  and to volunteer to help, please contact:

Ian Adam – ianmadam@hotmail.com

At some times – Small is better