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Club Line dance group

Are looking for an enjoyable activity and a bit of gentle exercise?

Come and try Country and Line dancing, a good fun  group activity in a relaxing and convivial atmosphere.

Contact: christinehoeffken@yahoo.fr

Latest dances:

I saw Linda yesterday: 

stepsheet: i-saw-linda-yesterday

Twist and Shake:

stepsheet: TexasDancers-TwistAndShake

Colorado Girl

Sweet Heidi

step sheet: sweet-heidi-ID88581

Electric Slide


attention: different music in the video

Irish Stew

Bullfrog on a Log,


Go cat go, stepsheet: go-cat-go,

Chippin’ away, stepsheet: chippin-away- and the video on: http://youtu.be/j_BmLCcHzSo

Mama Maria, step sheet: mamma-maria-ID77629   video:

Two boys, stepsheet: TWO-BOYS; video link: http://youtu.be/FCR9VSh1MR0

An absolute dream , stepsheet: an-absolute-dream-ID87850; video-link

Country as a boy can be, stepsheet: country-as-can-be-ID81667 Video link youtube: http://youtu.be/fPDpMS2xR6o

Seminole Wind, stepsheet: ob_45510a_seminole-wind-western-city

Bill’s Basic, Choreographie:  bills_basic, To see the video click on http://youtu.be/KLKNgTcKrQ8

Lindy Shuffle, Video : http://youtu.be/KfbV6PnQB7Y   (attention, different music)

Cheyenne      Stepsheet: cheyenne-ID60070 : http://youtu.be/-2oAKixu2q4

 Ah, si  see stepsheet: ah-si-ID65862

Club Line dancing