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Cycling Group

Cycling Enthusiasts,
A number of members have expressed an interest in cycling in and around Andorra and whilst there are a number of cycling clubs locally, members may find the speed, distance and physical effort required by the other groups to be too demanding.

It is great to get out into the open air on a bike and even better with friends. 
With that in mind we wanted to set up a whats app community for cyclists to connect. It doesn´t matter if you are interested in riding road bikes, mountain bikes or E-bikes, the aim is to connect you with like minded people and to get out in the open air. Anyone in the group can suggest or agree the degree of difficulty and learn from each other the varios routes & stops.
As such the group will function much like the Ski & Ski touring groups. You just let people know when you are going out and see who wants to come along. Informal with no obligation. If you think a route will be too difficult give it a miss or ask if anyone wants to try an easier ride.
The most important thing is to get out into the beautiful countryside.
If you want to join the community send an email to Debbie Earl  to get on the whats app group, ready for the starts of the spring season.

Regards DebbieE