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Economist Group

What’s happening on the stormy seas of the World Economy?

What’s happening with YOUR economy ! ?

Why not discuss this in a group of interested members. Do you have information to share or problems to offer ?


Meeting on the second Thursday in each Month at 10.30am. Meet your friends for coffee, followed by  a general discussion at 11.00am.

For information contact: Ian – ianmadam(at)hotmail.com

Gilbert Saboya Conference at the Club house 17th October 2019

Gilbert Saboya

Gilbert Saboya Sunyé is the former minister of foreign affairs, and then of economy, of the two last governments of Andorra. As such he initiated the negotiations for the association agreement with the EU.On the 17th of October 2019, Gilbert Saboya gave a conference organised by the Finance Group of the International Club of Andorra at our Club House. More than 70 members were in attendance. Its subject was the inmediate future of Andorra, in particular in the framework of the agreement under negotiation with the EU. Gilbert Saboya put in evidence the progress of Andorra since the worldwide economic crisis, made worse in Andorra by the BPA affair, and the tightening of the OCDE tax evasion regulations. Due to its geographical situation, Andorra cannot ignore Europe. However similarly to San Marino and Monaco, due to its size and its population, Andorra is not in a position to simply integrate the EU. Hence the association agreement under discussion, that aims at protecting these small countries, while giving them access to the European market. The exposé was very clear and much appreciated by our members. A vivid debate followed with many questions and answers. As we exhausted the time for the meeting before the list of questions, Gilbert Saboya has agreed to keep the dialogue opened.  If you would like to contact him to continue the discussion, his email is gsaboya(at)alfaquest.net.

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