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Recipients of assistance from Helpline must be members of the Club.

Call 116 in case of medical emergencies and please do not call Helpline – you need immediate professional assistance not us!

Helpline is an Activity Group dedicated to helping members who are in need. Helpline offers the loan of equipment and the services of volunteers for the following principal tasks

Loan of equipment

Please contact Gaye Keep on 329407 or gckeep(at)andorra.ad for equipment for the injured, sick or disabled: wheelchairs, crutches, zimmer frames, walking sticks, bed pans, etc.

For visiting babies and infants: car seats, high chairs, baby cot, etc, also contact Gaye

The International Club has a wide range of dvds at the club house which can be borrowed. We would appreciate a small donation for the hire. There is also a DVD player available which can be borrowed if in long term care, for instance in a care home

Services available via volunteers

Transport for those unable to drive to hospital appointments and medical visits
Assistance with shopping and emergency pre-prepared meals for those who are housebound
Home and hospital visits primarily for those without relatives in Andorra
Advice in the event of accidents and sudden emergencies

Helpline is currently funded by the charges made for loans of equipment; receipts are used to replace worn or outdated equipment and to cover the expenses of volunteers, such as transport to hospital/clinic/doctor, sending of flowers/fruit to members in hospital or seriously ill at home, etc.

All services are provided by volunteers. Where you have no direct contact with any of the individual Helpline volunteers, please call John Pinnell on 355275 or john.pinnell@pinnejo.com, who will in turn contact a volunteer who will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

The recipients of Helpline assistance from our volunteers (who give their time and expertise without remuneration) are assured of our confidentiality.

In case of a death in Andorra:

Many members live in Andorra without any family to help and support them at the end. Sadly, a number of members live on their own. Helpline can provide contacts with members who are experienced in dealing with the situations that then arise when somebody dies.

We have prepared two documents that people have found useful in the past – for those who come to deal with a death “What to do when somebody dies in Andorra” and “Funeral arrangements”. These are include among the documents below.

Useful Documents:

Helpline Handbook PDF-file revised Sep.2005

List of equipment

What to do when somebody dies in Andorra

Funeral arrangements as PDF-file 35Kb  revised April 2008

List of Consular services


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