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The Andorran Patchwork Group

Patchwork lends itself both to individual working and to small group endeavors. Within the Club we are a small but vigorous group of individuals who really appreciate opportunities to see each other’s work, swap news about where one can buy materials, and occasionally summon up the energy needed to “put on a show”

One thing we certainly do manage each year – is to organize a day trip to Sitges (40 km South of Barcelona) to see the patchwork exhibition there – which is really worth seeing. We are joined on that expedition by a number of local patchwork enthusiasts – so that day out can also serve as an intensive language session too!

Contact:  Jan :  i.club(at)andorra.ad

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Maureen Mead, Valerie Rymarenko, Pat Swanson, Sylvia Morgan, Gill Furmston