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Sitges Patchwork Exhibition 2019

From the 21st till 24th of March the international Patchwork exhibition was held in Sitges. Again a high quality of exhibits was presented.

Peter Hayward fabulous precise Fabric Art works, returned after 8 years to Sitges. together with Ximo Navarro he exhibited his finest works.

Peter Hayward – 26.000 pieces in the middle circle
Detail of the work above
peter Hayward – Lone Star
Lone Star Detail
Peter Hayward
Ximo Navarro

Impressive was the work of a Japanese lady Rumiko Frydl , miniature quilt works , not larger then 50 x 50 cm,

Rumiko Frydl – Pineapple Patch
Rumiko Frydl – Pineapple Patch detail
Rumiko Frydl – Mission – Impossible ?
Rumiko Frydl – Rose
Rumiko Frydl – Bridal Bouquets

Betty Busby and her sister from New Mexico presented their Fabric Art. they make their fabrics themselves, with the use of stencils and sun drying process. Although living in the desert , their theme was deep see animals. Highly decorative.

Betty Busby – Lichen
Betty Busby

One section with vintage quilts from between 1790 and 1870 owned by Christopher Wilson-Tate and English collector of quilts.

Christopher Wilson -Tate 1840 45.000 pieces
Christopher Wilson – Tate detail from old quilt 1840
Orient – Occident

Fusion of cultures

A better word for Patchwork would be Fabric ART – Creating an art work out of fabric shows the creativity and craftsman’s ship of the artists.

Sitges in March – Worth a visit