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Running Group

Although there are a number of running groups in the Principality and trail running especially has become very popular in the last few years, most of the local clubs seemed geared either to children or,  to fast or elite runners.  

The  idea is to run this group as a whatsapp group similar to the ski touring  and cycling groups where anyone can suggest a route to run or propose an alternative if they prefer something different to suit their physical ability, time available, location etc.

As not everyone lives full-time in Andorra, and to avoid being inundated with loads of messages, members are free to leave the group at any time and just need to send me a message to be added to the group again when they are back in Andorra.

If there is sufficient demand, I could organise a fixed day for a morning and/or evening run during the week, 1-1.30 hrs and then a longer run on a Sunday – or could be short with the option to do more if people want.

All levels welcome.

For more information please contact Ann on