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Ski Tour & Adventure Group

The Ski Tour Group is new for winter 2017/18 and aims to introduce people to the sport, help people find partners for touring, and showcase the best of Andorra’s backcountry outings at various levels of difficulty.
Andorra is a wonderful location for ski touring, offering climbs and descents of up to a 1000 vertical metres, and many peaks that can be reached on ski (or by hiking the last few metres). The Rialb, Sorteny and Ransol valleys are all popular locations, as are the mountains behind Grau Roig and Arcalis. The variety of terrain suits everyone from beginners to people seeking out steep couloirs. 

To be enjoyable, ski touring requires reasonable skill as on off-piste skier, and a measure of fitness. You cannot use alpine downhill equipment, you need specialist skis and ski boots. These can be bought, or hired, in Andorra. (You can, however, use your touring skis and boots for in-resort downhill skiing). For ski touring on the various routes inside the resorts no added safety gear is needed. To go into the backcountry, you need to carry a shovel and probe, and be wearing an avalanche transceiver (which can be hired). 
Tours are offered via the WhatsApp group at short notice (a few days) as it is always weather and snow dependent. The WhatsApp group is also the way to meet other members to arrange individual ski touring outings. At the start of the winter season, avalanche awareness education is made available via local guides who speak English.

For more information, please contact:

Cathy O’Dowd – cathy@cathyodowd.com

In Rialb Valley below Font Blanc

Skiing down into the Rialb valley

Summit Pic de Serrera