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Fira Nadal – Christmas Fair

Every year in November the Club organises a great indoor charity event called Fira Benefica – in 2019 on the 24th November

it is held in the building La Closeta, La Massana (Comu Building).

It is also called The Christmas Fair, or Fira Nadal as there are many Christmassy things on offer.

It is one of the largest social events during the year for all the residents in Andorra.

Many volunteers do their best for weeks to make it a huge success.

This event started in 1989 and it has been popular ever since.

In 2016 the Club made a large donation to Carisma and Agentas -EENSM to buy a delivery van to transport items around Andorra.

In 2017 we supported Foundation Privada Tutelar with 9000 Euro, used for organising trips for disabled persons and their families.


Delivery van donated by the Club to Carisma and Agentas