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Fun@Pal 2018 “Cancelled”

It is with great regret that the organisers of Fun@Pal have decided to cancel the event. We have just been advised that the Government supported Refugee Charity (Obrim-les, Obrim-los) is holding a major fund raising event in support of the Syrian refugees in La Massana over the weekend of 15 / 16 September. They will be offering many of the activities that we had planned, and, by being based in La Massana they will be very attractive to people in the town rather than them having to drive to the Coll de la Botella.
This decision has not been taken lightly but is the only sensible course of action in light of this latest news.
We will, however, be organising a Silent Auction on Saturday 27th October to take place at La Coll de Botella.

Please contact Peter Tawell at:   peter.tawell@btinternet.com if you would like to volunteer.

We can’t do an event without YOUR help !


Every year, we seek a useful Andorran project which can be helped by our efforts.

With the money collected in 2015, several vehicles were bought for invalid persons, Hi-Arribarem, they use these vehicles  for going into the mountains, and on the ski slope.

With the money collected at Fun@Pal 2016, three defibrillators were bought, one is placed in La Massana,Placa Fontetes.  the second one in Andorra La Vela. From Club Charity funds a third console was bought, and will be placed in Escaldes.

Defibrillator sponsored by Fun@Pal 2016, and next a new model STA phone booth

The second Defibrillator is place on the 11th of April 2017, in Andorra la Vela opposite the tourist information office, and the Dali statue on the bridge over the river Valira.

2nd defibrillator in Andorra la Vela, near tourist office

Fun@Pal is greatly supported by:

Club Piolet