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In Memoriam

A page to remember dear Members of the International Club of Andorra, and persons of the Andorran Community in Andorra who have passed away over the years.


6th November Brian Dore an active club member, was a great friend of Ann Matschke’s.   Ann, Brian and his wife Jacqeline “Jackie” Crozier  led various birding and wild flower walks around Andorra, France and Spain about 20 years ago.  Jackie wrote most of the text for the Andorran bird book and drew all the birds too.

5th January    Patricia Johnson “Pattie”, Dedicated children’s teacher


25th July Maurice Pilkington passed away, age 96, He was loved for his quiet manner and politeness – interspersed with barbs of wit.

2nd of July Veronika Baines, good friend

4th of March,Dr Milan Josef Tima, age 74, passed away after a tough year of fighting illness. He will be remembered as a Super Fast, Tech Perfect Skier


6th November:  Barry Spooner, died in La Salita, Escaldes. Wishing his wife Beryl and family all the best

10 th October Lucille Allpress died age 98, in Ordino. A long time club member.

8th of October Ann Matschke born on 15.10.1939, Ann Evelyn Rodwell, Apassed away in St. Julia. An active Member in the Club and a nature expert.

28th Septembre Claude Eugene Thomas Gray, passed away, age 96, widow of Doreen, who died in 2016. We’ll all miss his company, great bridge player.

17th April John Tabernacle, born 21.04.1930 passed away. RAF pilot and later airline pilot with Cathay Pacific. One of the few pilots making the switch from propellor to turbojet aircrafts.  quiet, modest gentleman, for many years helping in the community selling books at the Fira Nadal.

8th April Charles Graham-Watson 7th February 1931 died, in La Massana, a great loss in our community.

28th March John Philip Coville, born 23 November 1941, passed away, Scottish farmer. His quote: “keeping the sheep alive is the trick” Active Club member, for more then 30 years. great character and company. Greatly missed.

8th February , Ken Webb, English gentleman, Wishing Carole our sincere sympathy, with her loss .

22nd January John Hughes, born 7 May 1929, passed away, An engineer is heart and soul. Regular snooker and bridge player. We wish Valerie and the family our sympathy and strength.

14th January, Sabina Siddique de Heney, wife of Patrick de Heney, passed away here in Andorra


December 31 John Humphreys, age 73, passed away in hospital in Barcelona. Many of us knew John and were aware that he had been suffering progressively more severe health problems. John was very well known and liked across the expatriate community and an active member of the Club. We’ll all miss him.

18th November  Jean Read passed away. Before moving into la Salita Residencia, she lived for many, many years in Sant Julià, where she was a well known member of the local community.
Jean had been a long time member of the International Club and of St George’s English-speaking Church of Andorra. A wonderful, bright woman, Jean was interested in everything and will be greatly missed, especially now by her companions in La Salita.
We send our deepest condolences to her family.

20th September, Josephine (“Jo”) Hine passed away peacefully. She was a long time member of the Club and for many years had been a well known member of the international community in La Massana.

1th August, Rene Victor Wood passed away, age 94. Graduate and benefactor at the Jesus College of the University of Oxford. Widower of Helen Morag Wood

6th April

Vicky Seddon-Brown has passed away in Brussels. Vicky was a keen sportswoman who played Tennis for Belgium. She and her husband Bill were members of WAGS – Andorra’s wandering golf enthusiasts. Vicky also skied, played padel and was a keen Bridge player. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

27th March

Jean Axten passed away yesterday morning from existing illnesses. It was Jean and Brenda Ross who founded the International Singers in 1983. We extend our deepest sympathy to the family.

25th March

Johanna Thijssen Wilson, passed away peacefully in her sleep in Andorra La Vella on March 26, in the country where she and Jim had some of their happiest times together. Known as Joke, she always loved having her family around her, whether it be individual visits or large gatherings in De Gouden Leeuw. Joke was a keen bridge player and a regular at the International Club’s bridge gatherings for many years until her declining health made this impractical. Our deepest sympathy to her family.

February – Ilke Angela Maréchal, age 70, Born in Germany 19th December 1949 – died in Escaldes-Engordany 

A més de poeta, era escriptora i traductora. A París va col·laborar a a revista ‘Phréatique, Langage et Création’ dirigida per Gérard Murail on també va escriure prosa, assajos i entrevistes. Va formar part dels ‘Poètes du Var’ i va ser fundadora de l’associació ‘Andorra complicitat’ i confundadora, amb Joan Carles Casal, de l’editorial ÀnimaViva.

7th February

Jennifer Mary Keown-Boyd, age 78, beloved sister of Alexander. Well known for her involvement in the annual bagpipes festival in Ordino.

22 January

Ram Todd died in India of an apparent heart attack. Ram was a generous and enthusiastic supporter of the club, and one of our earliest members. Members of the Bridge community also have very fond memories of him. Founder of Helga Todd – Teachers’ Education Foundation


9th September Donald Jackson, (often known as “Farmer Jackson”) aged 96. He died peacefully in his sleep at home in England. A former long-time resident of Andorra, he will be greatly missed by his wife Jackie, family and friends, to whom we send our condolences.

31st August Jill Lovatt former Andorran resident, who died peacefully in hospital in the U.K. aged 87 years.
Sadly missed by her family, Sarah, Tony, Lisette, Melle, Mike, Chris, Tara, Mark, Nick and Marilena.

15 July former Andorran resident,   Mike Lovatt, died in Honiton, England.

3 March  Isobel Bowen, (M. Lindsey Smith) Oxford graduate in Economics, great bridge player age 99

1st February Nancy N. Adlam, widow of Bill Vernon born 23 June 1940  Great volunteer at the Fira Benifica bookstall and in Carisma

20th January “Ted”  Charles Barrand , pilot in heart and soul, age 92


20 September  Desmond Allen,  age 86

11th October  Joyce Fleurette Cashman  widow of Howard (Jim) Pittar, age 95

17 dec Christiane Coueil ( Ragot ) 03.09.1931 died 17.12.2018 at 89  we called her “a mountain goat” because she could climb any mountain, also a great bridge player


4th January          Jill Margaret Cullinan Rawdon 1928-2017, Our thoughts are with her family

26th February      Mrs. Mary Crowe , widow of Desmond Crowe

27th February      Aubrey Weatherbe, died in Andorra. Our sincere condolences go to his widow Helene

17th March            Paul Wilson  Born 13th of July 1930, Paul was an active supporter and  member of the ICA for many years.

6th July                  James Bruce Wheelan, born 6 July 1928, many years a dear friend

28 July                    Edward Cecil Allcard, sailor and adventurer, born 31 October, 1914, age 102

4th August              Ralph Paul Liddiard, born 1st February 1928, Lived in Anyos, Widow of Joyce

8th October           Mary Graham-Watson, Our deepest condolences go to Charles Graham-Watson and all his family.


3rd February           Hans Henrik Kiaer, great Club member ,  age 78,

26th February         John Daniel Rewcastle, good company, great in golf and bridge

5th April;                  Valerie Margaret Rylatt  “Val”   Born 18th Nov. 1936 – 89 Years

13th of July,             Doreen Gray.  Our sincerest condolences to Claude and all the family.

22 August;               Cliff Kellett who died in Liverpool, aged 87.  Our condolences to his wife Elise and sons Mike and Paul and the family.

13 September           Yvonne Rowe died at Clara Rabassa, Andorra la Vella, at the age of 97 years

21st October             Barry Jillins died, Our sincere condolences go to his widow Carol and to all their family.

23rd  October           Joan Fish died aged 92 who had been a resident of St. Julia de Loria since 1980. We wish to express our sincere condolence  to Ian and Shirley and the rest of the family.

2nd November          Russell Denoon Duncan, husband of Caroline, died peacefully at home in Thames Ditton, U.K. Our condolences go to Caroline and the rest of the family.

20th December         Dear friend Paul Cure passed away. Our thoughts are with Hélène

24th December          Brian Keep O.B.E., As long term and active Member, we said farewell to our dear friend, always on top of the latest electronic devices. Our thoughts are with Gabrielle and the family.


4th February         Richard (Dick) Rowe
Our condolences and thoughts are with Yvonne to whom Dick was married for more than sixty years.

March                     Robert Maubouche, he was a marvellous bridge player

10th June               Kiki de Chaffoy, resident of La Pleta in Ordino for over 25 years, passed away in Rangeuil Hospital in Toulouse, aged 96,

20th June               Sylvia Yeomans,  Age 91

July                         Michael Scott, great Hasher, Our thoughts are with Judith

17th July                 Dennis O’Shea  – Husband of Elsie O’Shea

14th September     Christine Hanson. one of our most  supportive Member for many years. In true Chris’s style, never doing anything the easy way, she wished for her ashes to be dispersed from the top of Casamanya.

16th September     Marion Brunner, 94, was a long time resident of La Massana she enjoyed the life in Andorra very much, especially the spectacular views, the snow-capped mountains, the spring blossoms and the friendships of many.


1 February             Pop Goldsteen

3 February            Trevor Loyd Davies

5 February            Arthur Fraser Fish, aged 92 years.

11 February           Bill (William) Vernon, aged 78 years, our sympathies to Nancy

15 February           Chris Windle

15 February           Henry Irvine-Fortescue, aged 91 years.
Henry was a competitive skier for some 60 years and retired from international downhill competition in his late seventies. He was also for many years the U.K.’s highest rated international skier.

28 February           Lilias Grassie.
Lilias was an active and enthusiastic member of the CIA for the past twenty years, as well as being a supportive member of the wider expatriate resident population in Andorra.

31 March                 Ronald Spiers

24 June                   Ian Sharp


9 January              Diane Yeoman. aged 89, who died after being knocked over on a pedestrian crossing in St. Julia.

6 May                     Walter Quick, aged 82, came to Andorra in 1986, with his wife Doreen

28 July                   Noel Campbell, oldest ICA members


5 March                  Robert Dawtrey, aged 24

March                     Jan Coles

22 April                  Jim Pittar 96, Our sympathy to his wife Joyce

16 Nov                    David Baines

20 November        Sonia, Madam Hunter of Hunterston  1930-2012


18 March                  John Coles

April                         Alexander James ‘Sandy’ Ross

Sept                          Malcolm Cayzer

23 October             Horst Matschke, aged 91

November              Bee (Beryl) Noble Ross


27 February            George Lancelot Stobart, George was an active member of  the expatriate community here in Andorra for the past twenty years and at one time was Treasurer of the CIA.

6 May                       Graham Rawdon

4 May                       John Peacock of Aldosa

July                           Joyce Jones, husband Stanley

August                     Wendy Holmes, who together with her husband Maurice, was a Founder Member of the Club International d’ Andorra.

October                    Dorothy Kirton


9 February              Irene Percival

24 March                Joe Segal, beloved husband and friend of Binnie

27 April                   Dennis Woods

29 November         Joan McCarthy


February                 Derrick Barnes

27 October              Ariff Ahmad Khan

30 October             Dennis Moore Connell

1 November            Ivan Stansby died peacefully on Saturday, Ivan had been an active member of the expatriate community in Andorra since and Diana arrived sixteen years ago.


10 June                     David Ferguson Ross.

26 August                 Ursula Simpson-Ure, aged 77.

7 June                       Christine Elizabeth Lloyd Davies (formerly Hammett-Smith)

17 December            Aubrey Tennyson

19 September          Ken Barber. Ken and his wife Ursula have lived in Andorra  since 1989. Ken    spent ten years in both Kenya and the Middle East as a pilot, and was an active radio ham here in Andorra.


13 October                Britt Nielsen

2006                         Henning Visby Berthelsen 1929 – 2006

12 November           Joan Wakelin

5 December             Rodney Phillips


2005                         Solveig Carla Feilberg 1932 – 2005

January                    Mignon Claire Shaw

February                   Shirley Connell

12 October               Jacquie Dore-Crozier


29th January          René DeKnight, 1913 – 2004 , Delta Rhythm Boys

15 th April                 Joyce Mary Liddiard (nee) Carlon,  Born on 11.06.1930,


4th February            Alan Edwin Robert Hadden, MIPR, FIP, who died in his 86th year.

12 September          Peter Parkinson, born 15/07/1925 Club Board members since 1992

11 November           Sheila Elizabeth Hooper (nee) Owens, born 24/08/1935

24 November         Roger Robert De Fence 1923 – 2003

28 December          Lynne Ayres, born 17/01/1945,


3 February               Desmond George Neville Crowe, born 29/05/1923

30 July                      Edward Stanley Meek, born 9/10/1919 Married to Samia Omar

19 December            David Allan, married to Charlotte Allan – Jolly


Autumn                    Peter Crichton, 1924-2001


March                       Eleanor Richardson age 90

8th November        Charles Allen, 1898 – 2000 – age 102


September                Sandy Furmston

November                Alex Campbell, aged 81

23rd November       Mrs. Kaye Hoste 


31st January            Angel Guerra, MBE, aged 69, Honorary British Consul

21st June                 Colonel Richard Anthony “Tony” Davies, O.B.E. died at the age of 84


7th April                   Dr. Wallace Baxter, Scotsman and very active in the Ordino community


January                     Ron Richards,  Director of the Theatre Group Andorra for many years