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Homage Lynne Ayres


Lynne Ayres  17.01.1945  — 28.12.2003

Lynne Ayres aged 58

Lynne, who died aged 58, was one of the best known expatriates in Sant Julia.

Her seemingly inexhaustible wit kept many amused, and many more on their toes.

For those who knew her well she is remembered for her extreme kindness and reliability.

Lynne came to Andorra in the late eighties and built her own house on a enviable site in Juberri.

She arrived as a qualified General Nurse with additional qualifications in Midwifery and psychiatric nursing.

She had also build up a flourishing driving school in the UK.

She had hoped to use her many skills here but found avenues closed.

Although she had a tremendous local support, this together with poor health, made her decide to return to the UK and join her life long friend Brenda in 2002 to re-establish a business and eventually retire to Spain.

In September 2002 we (mainly those from St. Julia) said farewell and wished her every success in her future plans.

Since then she bought land near Malaga to build a home for her retirement with Brenda.

Lynne died peacefully in her sleep on the 28th December .

From the many of us who met Brenda on her frequent visits to Andorra we send our heartfelt condolences.