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Homage Pop Goldsteen

“Pop” has been called this since she was born in Holland 1926. Her small brother poked his finger into her and said “Pop” , which means “Doll” and the name stuck. She finished school during the last World War. At that time there were not many opportunities for further study, so she held an office job some years. After the war she studied physiotherapy and following her exams, started her own practise.

Pop came to Andorra in 1989 after her husband died and is enjoying life here. Certainly she is always occupied. Her hobbies include walking, nature , music, theatre, art, reading, puzzles, bridge and antiques, among others. She is probably best known to members for her work as former group-leader and present sterling member of the International Singers and the Bridge group.

Published: Inter-Comm Summer 1992