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A tribute to Angel Guerra

Angel Guerra, MBE, who died on 31st January, 1998, aged 69, had been Honorary British Consul for just two years. But he had acted as the unofficial, unpaid representative of the British Consulate in Barcelona here in Andorra since the 1960s. Many older residents will remember the help he gave them when they first arrived and there was no International Club or Helpline to offer advice. A great deal of his work then, as more recently, was dealing with the commercial matters and his efforts did not go unrecognised; he was awarded the MBE in 1986. Other holders of this decoration living in Andorra will remember the pleasure Angel took in their meeting and dinners together.

Those of us who came in contact with Angel, found him unfailingly cheerful, always willing to give generously of his experience and time. Nor problem, however, trivial, was too much trouble. And for those in real trouble Angel was prepared to go down to the police station in the middle of the night if necessary. Nor did his work end at visits to the police; Angel spent hours dealing with officials here or on the telephone to Barcelona, the Foreign Office, the British police and relatives.

Both as a friend and as Consul, Angel will be sorrily missed by the British community. All members of the CIA would like to express their deep sorrow at his death and their appreciation of the enormous amount of work he did for all of us in Andorra. We send our heartfelt condolences to his widow, Isabel, and all his large family.