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John Tabernacle

John Tabernacle is his beloved TR6

John Malcolm Tabernacle, born 20.04.1930. His most used nickname was “Tabs” or an American named him “Turnbuckle” passed away on 17 April 2021, BCN

In one of his e-mail to me he wrote:

Dear Jan,
Thank you very much for this one. The best yet.
Many years ago, 1952/3 I flew the Avro Lancaster, so hearing the R.R. Merlin again is ALWAYS music to my ears.
A wonderful aeroplane powered by four wonderful engines.
I’m FWD-ing  this to Tom Hardie who, when a young R.A.F. Fitter 2E, used to overhaul and maintain the Merlin engine.
No. 80 Squadron that I served in, in Germany, 1956-58, was formed in 1917 at Montrose Scotland. It was equipped with the Sopwith Camel until sometime after the end of the Great War.
Best wishes,

“Tabs” is his TR6 , right wheel drive – Andorran plates! 58041

John told me the story when he entered the RAF pilot training school. He had difficulties with his instructor. One day he was called into the office. The instructor told him he didn’t do very well at the time. John was worried he might be expelled. Instead the same instructor said: I’ve decided you are going to be instructed by another pilot. From then on he excelled flying and became an experienced pilot.

John Malcolm TABERNACLE (607180) He entered the RAF College in Jan 1949 and was a member of 53 Entry, ‘A’ Sqn and achieved the rank of Flight Cadet Corporal. He also represented the College at Boxing. He was commissioned on 1 Aug 1951 in the rank of Pilot Officer which was gazetted on 4 Sep 1951. He retired on 20 Jul 1968 in the rank of Flt Lt.Col

No 5 Mess Dress as a Flying Officer
John M. Tabernacle – No 1 Full Dress as a Flight Lieutenant