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Obituary Edward Stanley Meek

On 30st July, 2002, our community lost a most remarkable man, and Samia Omar a much loved husband. Edward Stanley Meek was born in Bristol on the 9th October 1919. He graduated with first class honours in medicine from St.Andrews University and later specialised in pathology. He began his working career at Bristol University.

In 1960 he left for America. A member of the New York Academy of Sciences, he held a series of interesting positions including, medical director and professor of pathology at Iowa University, director of medical research for Johnson & Johnson and medical director for Tolzio Communications. He travelled the world attending medical conferences with a particular emphasis on cancer research. He had entries in both the American and World editions of Who’s Who.

Edward Meek spoke English, German, Russian and Japanese and could read and write Greek, Latin, Spanish and French as well. He published medical books in both German and English. His wide-ranging intellect led him to delve into forensic criminology, spontaneous human combustion, ghosts, and life after death. He was a member of the Psychic Research Society.

Widowed in 1954 he met Samia in 1987 while they were both on holiday in South America. Always a perfect gentleman, he proposed to her on bended knee in Philadelphia and married her soon after in China. Together they travelled widely and moved to Andorra in 1989. Quiet, kind man warmly loved by his friends, he relished discussion and was an excellent listener, always waiting to be asked before offering his opinion. He was an avid reader and loved flowers. A well as scientific books he enjoyed Inspector Morse, Ruth Rendell, Agatha Christie and Naomi March.

In 1997 his health began to deteriorate and, as many of us know, Samia cared for him devotedly at home, and later in Sant Vincenç, right up to his death. Edward Meek had a long and distinguished career but the smartest thing he ever did was to choose Samia as his wife. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to her.

Published in the Inter-Comm October 2002