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Obituary Tony Davies

Obituary Tony Davies

As reported in the weekly newsletter in July, Colonel Richard Anthony “Tony” Davies, O.B.E. died at the age of 84, on Sunday, 21st June, in Dorset, England.

A former resident of Andorra, and Church Warden, Tony was a regular soldier, serving in the Royal Berkshire Regiment, escaping at Dunkirk, then serving in many other theatres of the war, and being mentioned in despatches. He was also Colonel of the West India Regiment.

He was married first to Alys with whom he had three children, Carol, who predeceased him, and two sons, Richard and Derek.

Barbara Prime, whom he married in 1975, was head of Public Relations for CISA in London, later becoming CISA’s London agent. They bought a borda in Sispoyy, where they spent their holidays, eventually retiring here.

Our thoughts are with his wife and family.