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Patty Johnson in memoriam

It is with great sadness that we advise Patricia Johnson passed away on Thursday, 5th January.  She was a long time resident in Andorra, wife of Richard Johnson, and lived in Sispony.  Patricia had cancer, for a couple of years she managed her illness taking the news calmly and even though her health deteriorated she bore it with an infectious positive attitude right to the end.


If you were lucky enough to know Patricia you’d know that she was there for you with an open heart and generosity of spirit.  She was a great teacher, not just that, but an inspiring teacher. Some of her former younger pupils wrote to her in hospital to thank her for being not just their teacher of English at Escola dels Pirineus school (now the Agora International school) but for introducing them to British culture, how to sew and make pencil cases, to cooking and creating other handicrafts.  She is fondly remembered by them.

Other friends have mentioned how diligent she was in helping new teachers adjust to the school, her contagious smile, intelligence, trustworthiness and an inspiration to those around her. She was a role model to many friends and pupils alike.

Who could forget Patricia helping out at Fun@Pal dealing with teddies and hooking ducks out in a field (where there had been ice on the ground only an hour before) or her commitment at the Christmas Fira in La Closeta with yet more ducks in a dark and dingy corner assisting the many children who came to be entertained.

Farewell and RIP to Patricia (Patty) whose kindness and generosity we will miss.