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Paul Wilson – Obituary

Mr. Paul Anthony, Felix, St Clare Wilson, age 86, died

at East Midland Airport, on Friday, 17th March 2017. The cause was heart failure.
Born: 13th July 1930 Portland, Gosport, Dorset, lived and worked worldwide, before settling in sant Julia, Andorra. Paul worked for UNILEVER PLC and was Chairman of Lever Brothers and Lipton Tea until retiring in 1987. He was a member of the UNILEVER Club of 35 and The International Club, Andorra.

Survivors include his longtime companion and wife, Eileen Bridgett Wilson, sons John & Andy Husain, daughter Sherry Nicholls and grandchildren Quesha Nicholls, Lara & Harry Husain.

Poem: ‘After Life’ John Burnside

‘When we are gone our lives will continue without us–

or so we believe and at times, we have tried to imagine the gaps we will leave being filled with the brilliance of others’

Paul.Wilson- Memoriam