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Ram Todd

Founder of the foundation Helga Todd, Teacher’s education. Passed away on 22 January 2020, in India

Ram Todd
Ram Todd – in his own words

Ram arrived in London from Mumbai as a penniless student with the aim to educate himself and to improve his future life prospects.
He started work as a messenger boy in a London advertising agency
and attended evening classes to qualify as an advertising and
marketing professional. Fortunately, he had a number of lucky breaks and made good progress early in his career, specialising in managing
fast moving consumer products. He met and married Helga Drews
from Germany, who had come to London to work as an au pair and to
learn English. 

Later he joined Cadbury UK, later working in various international
positions in Africa, Asia and London. After over 20 years with Cadbury international he took early retirement to live somewhere interesting
and warmer in the southern part of Europe. 

Following Helga’s death in October 2003, Ram decided to devote his
time, knowledge and experience to return something to society,
particularly in the five countries – England, Germany, India, Indonesia and Nigeria – where they had lived and worked. He decided to establish a charity in memory of Helga and so the Helga Todd Teachers’ Education Foundation was registered with the Charities Commission England
in March 2008, to advance teacher education and training.

Ram believes in the following three philosophical and humanitarian

“Just as little drops of water together make the ocean, so little acts of
kindness and compassion can and will make a difference”.

“The truly wealthy man is not one who has but one who gives away
what he has”.

“Worldly possessions matter very little. We cannot take them with us to the world beyond”.