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Membership of  the International Club of Andorra

Becoming a member

Membership is open to all – both residents and non-residents.

To become a member of the Club, you just need to fill in a simple application form with limited personal contact details and agree to pay our modest annual membership fee.

The easiest way to meet us and then join us is probably to come to the Friday social drink meeting starting at 18.30 held in our Clubhouse in Aldosa

To obtain a Membership application form please contact our Membership Secretary,

or to Debbie:   iclubandorra@gmail.com


We have an annual membership fee, which gives the right to attend all activities and receive our monthly newsletter.

Membership costs are €30 per annum per adult person.

We collect our membership fees by direct debit – so we do need details of the bank account to charge for renewals or you will find your membership being terminated if we cannot collect the next year’s subscription! For this, we have a direct debit form.

The Membership Card can be collected at the Club House in Aldosa, during opening hours.

If you wish to write to us about membership (or anything else) we have a postbox which is emptied every week at:

Club Internacional D’Andorra
Giberga Complex
La Massana