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The benefits of being a Club member!

Every month you will receive by email our newsletter which contains news about the Club, news specifically for “passive residents” and, more importantly for most readers, a summary of what has been reported in the local press during the preceding month – economic and political news; crimes, fires and accidents; new traffic arrangements; everything except the local sporting news!

The annual membership fee is 25 euro per adult,

A supplementary fee will be put into place for any existing member who has not paid their 2019 subscription by March 31, 2019, and for any new members who do not provide an IBAN for the annual direct debit.

The new membership cards are available from the Clubhouse situated at the Giberga Complex, L’Aldosa, La Massana.

We will keep you updated on the many benefits that your membership card entitles you to, especially the very special Price for entrance into Caldea or INUU for the member and up to four guests.

CaldeaDiscount ICAndorra

You will also receive every week by e-mail with a summary of events that will be taking place in all the parishes in Andorra so that you can see what might be of interest to you.

We send out flyers by e-mail to tell you well in advance about the events we are organizing so that you can plan to join in.

You are welcome to come to our weekly coffee morning (every Wednesday at 11.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at the Andorra Parc Hotel, Andorra la Vella) where you can meet friendly people who have lived here for some time, who know their way around, what’s going on, where to find places – and all of whom have a different story to tell as to how and why they came to Andorra.

Or visit our Clubhouse situated in The Giberga complex, in L’Aldosa, La Massana. The Clubhouse is open from 10 am to 1 pm. Check the opening times on the section “Clubhouse”

Join us on excursions, at events, special lunches, and our gala dinners; bring your own friends if you wish as well as joining in with other members.

Take part in group activities – the International Singers, 4×4 off road excursions, car club treasure hunts, social bridge, social tennis, the computer and investment groups, the outings of the Adventure and Ski groups, and many other groups.

Help start up more activities – using the umbrella of the Club to help you find a group of like-minded individuals to do things together protected by the insurance policy the Club maintains to cover all activities.



Debbie – iclubandorra(at)gmail.com

Facebook:  International-Club-of-Andorra