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English Speaking Church Andorra


Welcome to St. George’s Church in Andorra – part of the Anglican Communion worldwide! It is one of the congregations of the Chaplaincy of St George’s Barcelona with St George’s Andorra, in the Archdeaconry of Gibraltar (Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Andorra and Gibraltar) in the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe.

We meet to worship once a month, on Sunday at 11am, at the church of Sant Joan de Sispony and gather afterwards for coffee and a chat at the Molí dels Fanals restaurant bar. The Rev Dr Deborah Chapman, Assistant Chaplain for our joint chaplaincy with Barcelona, leads us in worship. You can find the exact dates when our services will be held on our church website:

St. George Andorra Calendar of Events 

Our members come from a variety of Christian backgrounds – Anglican (both high and low), Roman Catholic, Methodist, Dutch Reformed, Lutheran, Congregationalist…and we welcome anyone who comes through the door – of any faith or no faith. We love to share our own faith in Jesus Christ through our worship together.

We organise fellowship occasions that are open to all and that have provided a source of companionship for many in our community – the annual Garden Party and the Nine Lessons and Carols Service at La Massana parish church being two regular favourites.

Come, see what we do, get to know us, and let us get to know you!