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English Speaking Church Andorra

St. George’s Church – Andorra is part of the Anglican Church  – part of its Diocese in Europe.

We are a small congregation led by our two churchwardens and meet to worship at churches provided for us by the parish of the Roman Catholic Church in La Massana.

We have no resident chaplain and invite visiting chaplains, both active and retired, to visit us on a  monthly basis. When we have no visiting chaplain our services are led by one of the churchwardens.

Our members come from a variety of Christian backgrounds – Anglican (both high and low), Roman Catholic, Methodist, Dutch Reformed, Lutheran, Congregationalist – and that is simply asking some members of the Church Council what churches they attended before coming to live in Andorra.

We welcome visitors warmly and would very much like you to come and “sample our wares”.

We organize fellowship occasions that are open to all and that have provided a source of companionship for many in our community.

Please do visit our website – and come, see what we do and what we are like.



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