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Andorra Hash House Harriers

The drinking Club, Running on the Mountains

The co-principality of Andorra, snuggling in the eastern Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, is probably unique in having a population of which the majority are ex-patriates. However, most of these are Spanish or French, who do not have a hashing tradition, so it was not until the mid-eighties that there were enough British around for the idea of setting up a Hash to surface.

The first run of the Andorra chapter of the Hash House Harriers took place on the 6th, September 1986 and was set by the founder, Paul Bruton and his wife, Terry, who have since moved on to pastures new. There have been 786 more since then with an average pack of 27. Membership is open to anyone but, because of the altitude and terrain, a certain degree of fitness is recommended. Currently, as well as Brits, the pack has representatives from Scandinavian, North American, and Western European countries and even a few locals!

The Hash meets on Saturdays between April and the end of December. During the rest of the year the country is mostly covered in snow and the hashers take to the ski slopes. The current start time is 3:00 pm but it varies with the season and some Bashes exhibit idiosyncrasies in this respect. As it occurs during our Hash Hibernation we do not have a dedicated Gispert Memorial Run but we feel that because G’s family roots are in Catalunya (thus making a link, albeit tenuous, with Andorra) every hash we run is a fitting tribute to him.

For more information and the location of upcoming walks please

Contact the HASH master GrahamS: gs.andorra@gmail.com

Sprout and Doggy, from the Barcelona Hash House Harriers came to visit us, excellent. If you’re interested in finding hashes near BCN, check their page.

Barcelona Hash House Harriers

The HASH House Harriers, – 1992 article

In 1938, in Kuala Lumpur, a group of people used to meet for Saturday lunch at a restaurant called Hash House. They decided that in order to to earn this lunch they should walk or run for an hour or two beforehand. They called themselves “ The Hash House Harriers”. Their Idea – although modified- has now spread to many other countries throughout the world and our Andorran Hash House Harriers started up in 1986.

The Andorran Hash House Harriers celebrated their 200th < hash> a couple of Months ago. After the Hash that Saturday there was a picnic-cum-bar-beque at La Rabassh, attended by some 60 Hashers. On other Saturdays, however, the hashers just meet and walk or run and afterwards refresh themselves with a soft drink or a beer.

The Hash season in now drawing to an end and the last Hash will probably be at the end of November or early December, depending on the weather. Traditionally the hashes begin again after the winter on the first Saturday in April.

So if you would like to join the Hashers this year there is still time. Anyone is welcome, whatever nationality or age. The hashers meet on Saturday afternoons and the meeting place and time are posted at the tourist information hut in La Massana and often announced on the English language programme.

So come and join the Andorran Hash House Harriers! On-On

Jacquie Crozier

First published in the Inter-Comm 2-2 Winter 1992