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Patricia Grey

Writer’s circle Andorra

Australian/Andorran Crime and Mystery Author

Exciting news. My new Police Procedural novel, TABOO,set in Perth, Western Australia (my home town where I have friends in the police force) is now available in paperback and eBook through Amazon in their US, UK, and European sites. In Australia the digital version only is available at the moment.

The idea for Taboo came to me after an incident in Perth. A young guy knocked on the door of our unit to sell me membership in a DVD rental. When I said “No – I rarely live here” he asked for a glass of water. It was a hellish hot day. I said yes, turned and without locking the door, went to get him a glass – only to find him pressed against my back in the kitchen. Luckily. Very luckily, my dog was asleep under the table. She went for the guy’s crotch! But, imagine what could have happened… Buy the book and find out! 

Death Has A Thousand Doors  The disappearance of a beneficiary, before the windup of a multi-million-dollar trust, is hard to understand in peaceful Andorra – the pocket handkerchief country in the Pyrenees.

Patricia’s book of short stories Thirteen Families,  showcases differing family dynamics with a twist, and is available fromhttp://www.blurb.com/b/5008281-thirteen-families

InThe Five Senses  an anthology by the Andorra Writers Group, Patricia’s work stands alongside the work of six other talented writers who live, or have lived, in Andorra. It is available from www.blurb.com

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