International Club Andorra

Club International d’ Andorra

The Andorra Club or International Club Andorra was founded to promote friendship between people of all nationalities by organizing and running leisure activities both within and outside Andorra.  

The club welcomes as members all those who wish to take part in its activities and to promote friendship between people of various nationalities. For practical purposes, the Andorra Club uses English as its common language, and that is the reason for this website being written in English.

Andorra Club Activities

The Club is active in improving the social life of the residents by organizing events of all kind. Most popular are the social bridge meetings, Singing in our choir, Cricket Team, croquet, tennis competition, art classes, highly skilled patchwork group, enthusiastic gardeners,  superb golfers, 4×4 off road team ten pin bowling and line dancing. Among our yearly events are a car boot sale, Singers concerts, Christmas Fair, New Years lunch. In 2012 we organized a marvelous Queens Jubilee Party, with popular games. This year we are organizing again such a great public event in September, called Fun@Pal.

Any person visiting Andorra, or those who might be interested in settling down in this beautiful country are very welcome to join us at the weekly meeting, the coffee morning have a chat and exchange thoughts about living in the mountains. Especially when you’re arriving in a new place it’s difficult to find the right places. Especially in Andorra it takes a few years to know one’s way. Interesting is that hardly anybody uses the street names for a place. Directions are given by mentioning knows buildings such as Pyrenees, illa, Place Arcades, Monsa, Escale, the last two supermarkets have changed name recently, which gives a new challenge. The Andorran telecom company is still called STA, although they have changed their name into SOM some years ago.

The most resent activities are Line dancing, playing cricket matches and theatre performances.

Legal Notes:

The Club is registered as a non profit making association under Andorran law. Its official registration number is 115/2001. The formal objectives of the Club are set out in its statutes (which, under local law, are written in Catalan) and state: