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Fargo FL-4 60 (1945) Coach Andorra

End 2018 members of the foundation “Velles Cases Andorranes” rescued an old tourist coach, a Dodge / Fargo, built in 1945 . This vehicle came from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, was shipped to Paris to be rebuilt into a coach by a well known carrosserie maker called CURRUS. It was brought into Andorra in 1949 where it started a regular bus service to La Seu d’Urgell and to Hospitalet pres d’Andorre .

Andorra Registration papers 09 February 1948
Frame 9006 3422 is the 2993rd Fargo build in 1945 Canada
Engine T118G.22659C is made in 1947, C stands for Canada

Velles Cases Andorranes Link to Association Velles Cases Andorranes

For many decades two of these coaches were in service. One has disappeared. This Fargo was parked along the road between St. Julià de Lòria and Fontaneda. It was later bricked in, to avoid vandalism .

Fargo AND-194, dark blue of colour, Pas de Envalira, ’50, photo by Alsina
Retired Dodge Fargo in the 70’s

For about 40 years this particular coach remained there, until the President of “Velles Cases Andorranes” Claude Benet, and others rescued the vehicle from further decay. It’s in a remarkably good state, because of the dry weather in Andorra. This is an original historical coach which will be restored to it’s old glory. One of a kind in the world.

Membres de la corporació laurediana (el conseller Joan Visa a l’esquerra) van visitar fa pocs dies el vehicle. | VELLES CASES ANDORRANES  11.12.2018
Fargo used to store firewood
After 40 years, the Dodge is lifted over the wall by the company MAUCO
Fargo recovered 15.12.2018 Wheelbase 160″ – 417cm

The vehicle has been transported to a garage in Andorra la Vella. Following photos show the present state. March 2019

Fargo in storage – the last of it’s kind in the World
Characteristic Fargo front.
Fargo Logo on the Grill
The instruments are all intact
Fargo dashboard instrument
steering column
Interior – No Seats – The space was used to store fire wood
Carrosserie Currus, Rue Watteau, Paris
rear differential
Right side of the Fargo
replaced Andorran number plate for the early one AND-194


The plan is to restore this historic vehicle to prime condition, to be used in shows and on short journeys in Andorra.

An external link; brief history of the Fargo by Allpar.com

the Motor company Chrysler owned Dodge and Fargo. Fargo was advertised as: FARGO, Chrysler built truck in Canada.

By the time Canada entered World War II in 1939, a good many Fargo and Dodge trucks were being slated for military duty. Although Canadian passenger car production ceased along with American civilian auto production in 1942, trucks continued to be produced throughout the War. During this time, over 6,000 civilian-style Fargo vehicles were produced, likely for military use throughout the world. With the cessation of hostilities, the production of civilian trucks took off with the rest of the industry. In the final two of the six year run of FL models (1942 – 1947), over 22,000 Fargos were produced, almost four times that of the first four years combined.

View on YouTube a driving a FARGO FL 4-60. 1946. Chrysler engine. 6.cyl. 95.hp.

The second Fargo AND-223 is lost forever, this coach was wider then the Fargo AND-194

On the 13th July 2019 the Fargo is moved to the body shop (Planxisteria) Catalunya AD500 Andorra la Vella. Where the first restoration work has started.

More detailed photos and information of the restoration click here.

Fargo in the body shop Catalunya in Andorra la Vella, July 2019
The windows are out, and the damages appears

For more info contact Jan i.club@andorra.ad